Date.: 24 Apr 2013

Mr D L Ximbi (ANC) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

In view of the adoption of the National Development Plan that places a high premium on the development of a capable state (details furnished), what is her strategy to contribute to the ongoing development of a capable state?



Honourable member, nothing could have made my job easier than the National Development Plan (NDP) which has been universally adopted by all spheres of Government. Minister Manuel asserts that the grand plan cannot fly until we get the engine to work. I agree with this assertion and our immediate focus is to fix this engine, which is the public service.

Below we provide some of the measures we have prioritized to deal with the engine, i.e. the public service and they are:

  1. Professionalizing the Public Service
  2. Creating an environment that is conducive to work and one that will result in greater efficiency
  3. Rewards for outstanding work
  4. Responsiveness to problems
  5. Compulsory Training to instill a culture and ethos of accountability and responsibility
  6. Tough actions against corruption
  7. Centralising certain disciplinary cases
  8. Swift justice to send a message
  9. Use of technology to harness efficiency
  10. Partnership with labour and private sector
  11. Savings on funded vacant posts

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