Date.: 24 Apr 2013

Mr A R Ainslie (ANC) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

(a) What is her department's policy on public servants doing business with (i) government entities and (ii) the private sector and (b) what progress has been made in implementing the specified policy?



(a) (i) I have already pronounced that we do not find it acceptable for public servants doing business with the state. We will be introducing legislation that prohibits public servants from doing business with Government. Currently, the Public Service Regulations and the SMS Handbook only compels senior managers to declare their financial interests. The Public Sector Integrity Management Framework compels also public servants to disclose their financial interest in order to detect any case involving public servant doing business with government entity.

(ii)I must also remind the House that in terms of the PFMA, Supply Chain Management regulations compels bidding companies to declare their directors in their tender documents.

(b) We have taken all the reports on compliance and we are doing an analysis on the basis of which we will develop mechanisms including the enactment of legislation to improve

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