Date.: 24 Apr 2013

Ms T D Chiloane (ANC) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

What steps have been taken by her department to (a) accelerate the process of disciplinary hearings in the Public Service and (b) ensure that public servants do not migrate from one department to another to evade such hearings or outcomes?



(a) We are creating a central capacity in DPSA to support departments to deal with disciplinary matters. This central capacity will constitute case management support, training in case management and creation of a central database. The Department has also urged the observance of prescribed timelines on dealing with disciplinary cases.

(b) The Public Service Act makes provision for an employing department to discipline a member who left another department pending finalization of a disciplinary process. In addition to that we are developing legislation that would prohibit public servants who have cases to join any other Government departments while having pending disciplinary cases against them. The Public Administration Management Bill will be tabled before Parliament in June 2013 and same provides for prohibition of movement of employees charged or left pending the finalisation of the case of misconduct to join another government department.

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