DPSA IN THE MEDIA: GEMS: Your Scheme! Your Vote! Your Trustees!

Date: 30 Apr 2013

Six of the 12 GEMS Trustees are elected by members. The tenure of three member-elected Trustees comes to an end during 2013. The nomination period, which took place from 18 February - 18 March 2013 is now closed. The voting phase will commence on 22 April 2013 and close on 21 June 2013 and the election results will be communicated in the second week of July 2013.

GEMS principal members can participate in the election by postal ballot or voting by cell phone. A voting pack has been sent to all principal members. It includes a voting booklet that explains all the rules and voting processes and a comprehensive list of candidates, as well as a unique ballot paper for each member. The voting booklet will also explain how you can vote safely and securely using your cell phone if you choose this method to exercise your right to vote.

For more information contact the election agency on 0860 287 482 or visit GEMS website on www.gems.gov.za.


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