Date: 23 Oct 2012

Following the report in City Press newspaper, the DPSA would like to correct some of the aspects which are not a true reflection of the response sent to the newspaper.

The accurate response — which City Press decided to fiddle with it — is as follows:

The Office of the Director-General had required to be revamped as it could not accommodate support staff as well as host visitors, specific clients and international guests. The floor as previously occupied by the Director-General did not have the space to meet this requirement. The only renovation that was required was the removal of a wall, revamp of the flooring that had been damaged by water in some parts of the office. All these were done within permissible prescripts.

The expenditure on procurement of office flowers/and plants by the Department is in line with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) which requires for an employer to provide an environment that is conducive to employee health and wellness. The DPSA has an Employee Health and Wellness program in place which puts emphasis on the creation of an environment that enhances and inspires the productivity. Employee Health and Wellness is essential in any working environment as it boosts morale, improves health and fitness and increases productivity.

It should be emphasized that at no point in DPSA’s comment has it referred to the health and wellness of the Director-General. The twisting of this part of the comment has clearly tarnished the Office of the Director-General.

To this effect, the DPSA requests that you correct this gross and deliberate misrepresentation of facts.

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