No efforts are spared in averting strike

Date: 21 Jul 2010

Batho Pele House, PretoriaWednesday, 21 July 2010Public Service and Administration Minister, Richard Baloyi the employer as constituted in the Public Service Coordinating and Bargaining Council (PSCBC) has reiterated that no efforts are being spared by government in averting the strike.On-going political engagement has be sought, with talks between a Ministerial delegation as led by Minister Baloyi and the leadership of the unions having taken place since the dispute was declared in conciliation. The notice for strike by the PSA comes at an unfortunate time as government and labour collectively continue to work together in resolving the matter amicably. A follow-up meeting between the Ministerial delegation and the leadership of the unions is scheduled for tomorrow with the aim of finding finality on the matter.Government as it stands is offering a 6.5% across the board salary increase which is above inflation by 1, 3% effective from 1 July 2010 also offering a R620 increase in housing allowance. The government's salary increase offer alone in monetary terms amounts to R10.4 billion from between the proposed commencement date of 1 July 2010 to the end of the financial year on 31 March 2011.The R620 monthly housing allowance increase as envisaged by the state would amount to R845 million over the above mentioned period and is affecting 782 000 employees. This means the state would spend R11.245 billion over the period, which represents a 7% increase to its expenditure. Minister Baloyi has indicated that government remains committed to resolving the matter. Government will continue to engage with labour to ensure that a strike that would have adverse impact on our public services and economy is averted.Issued by the Ministry for Public Service and AdministrationFor more information contact:Dumisani NkwambaTel: 012 336 1017Cell: 082 312 4641E-mail:

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