Date.: 7 Sep 2012

Mr D B Feldman (COPE-Gauteng) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

  1. What type of benchmarking for remuneration packages does her department use to curb excessive packages, especially at Head of Department level at (a) national and (b) provincial government level;
  2. how are the remuneration packages linked to performance management systems? CW600E


  1. In terms of the Public Service Regulations (PSR) Chapter 4, Part IV/C, the Minister for the Public Service and Administration (MPSA) every three years appoints a Panel to enquire into the conditions of service of the Senior Management Service (SMS) and to advise him or her accordingly.

    In so far as the (a) and (b) are concerned the remuneration structure for SMS member is centrally determined by the MPSA and applies to SMS members in the Central and Provincial Government, including Heads of Departments.

  2. SMS members receive pay progression and a performance bonus subject to their performance relative to the performance management system's criteria.

    In terms of the performance management systems for SMS members, a member may qualify for a performance bonus to a maximum of 14% of the of his/her total remuneration package.

    The SMS salary structure provides for 1.5% increments allowing for annual pay progression (increments) based on the performance of the member.

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