Date.: 10 Aug 2012

Mr D C Ross (DA) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

  1. Whether (a) she, (b) her Deputy Minister and (c) any official from an entity reporting to her will be attending or attended, the 2012 Olympic Games; if so, what is the (i)(aa) name, (bb) rank and (cc) position/designation of each specified person accompanying (aaa) her, (bbb) her Deputy Minister and (ccc) each specified person and (ii)(aa) nature and (bb) official reason for the visit;
  2. what (a) total amount will be spent or has been spent on the trip, (b) is the (i) description and (ii) detailed breakdown of the amounts that will be spent or have been spent on (aa) accommodation, (bb) travel and (cc) subsistence costs and (c) from which budget will these funds be incurred in each case?


  1. (a) No
    (b) No
    (c) No
  2. Not applicable.

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