Date.: 3 Aug 2012

Mr E H Eloff (DA) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

Whether any entity reporting to her has budgeted for (a) financial donations or (b) sponsorships in the (i) 2009-10, (ii) 2010-11 and (iii) 2011-12 and (iv) 2012-13 financial years; if not, why not; if so, in each case, what amount was (aa) budgeted and (bb) spent?




(a) Yes,SITA had budgeted for financial donations for the years in question asfollows:

(i) 2009-10 The amount budgeted was R2,850,000 and spent was R2,906,928

(ii) 2010-11 The amount budgeted was R2,187,308 and spent was R788,631

(iii) 2011- 12The amount budgeted was R1,500,000 and spent was R919,350

(iv) 2011- 12The amount budgeted for the year is R2, 000,000 and spent July 2012 isR11, 000.

(b) Yes,SITA had budgeted for financial sponsorships for the years in questionas follows:

(i) 2009 -10 The amount budgeted was R240,000 and spent was R225,145

(ii) 2010- 11 The amount budgeted was RNIL and spent was RNIL

(iii) 2011 - 12The amount budgeted was R12,000 and spent was R5,000

(iv) 2012 - 13The amount budgeted was RNIL and spent was RNIL

SITA contribution to financial donations and sponsorships of charityinitiatives is governed by its CSI (Corporate Social Investment) policy which supports overall economic growth and transformation ofSouth Africa. SITA is committed to establishing relations that willuplift black communities through education, health and other socialinvestment activities. In this context, SITA’s primary CSIobjectives are to:

(a) make arelevant and notable contribution to advancing digital inclusionthrough the use of ICT,

(b) andnurture a reputation among its stakeholders for being a caringorganisation, instrumental in uplifting the poorest of the poor SouthAfricans

Against the abovementioned backdrop, the guiding principles of the CSIpolicy include among others:

(a) Selecting initiatives that are to be supported shall be based on theextent to which the initiative contributes to the development of theICT industry and/or support government development priorities;

(b) Implementing initiatives in consultation with community leaders toensure support and to facilitate sustainability and self-sufficiencyin the communities within which they are implemented;

(c) Implementing initiatives in partnership with the ICT industry and NGOsto ensure sustainability;

(d) Managing the impact of the company’s relations with thecommunity and environment shall be according to the ethical principlesoutlined in the SITA Code of Conduct; thereby supporting goodcorporate governance; and

(e) Involvement in CSI shall be done in a responsible and innovativemanner which benefits both beneficiaries and SITA.

SITA funds CSI initiatives in the following key areas:

(a) Primary focus areas:

i) ICT related initiatives

ii) Education and training (skills development)

iii) Economic development (job creation & entrepreneurialdevelopment)

(b) Secondary focus areas:

i) Youth development

ii) Social development/welfare

iii) Health

iv) Conservation and environment

v) Arts, culture and sports

SITA donations and sponsorships of charity related initiatives isaligned to its Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic Goalswhich results in positioning SITA as a good corporate citizen,building SITA image and enhancing SITA brand; opportunity forgenerating new business and Stakeholder relationshipbuilding.


GEMS’s financial year and budget period is from 1 January to 31December each year and therefore differs from the specific periodsrequested through the question. GEMS has a sponsorship and donationpolicy in place which was approved by the Board during 2011. Thepolicy outlines to which stakeholders the Scheme may grant donationsand sponsorships and to what extent (number of sponsorships and thequantum) .

GEMS makes provision for sponsorships and donations eachfinancial year. The budgeted amounts and respective actualexpenditure for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 financial years are asfollows:

(i) R 1,296,000 was budgeted for in 2010 with an actual expenditure of R1,006,216.

(ii) R1,360,800 was budgeted for in 2011 with an actual expenditure of R1,293,122.

(iii) R 1,441,087 wasbudgeted for in 2012 with an actual expenditure of R 378,180 up to theend of July.


(a) The CPSI did not budget for financial donations or sponsorships inany of the financial years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and2012-13.

(aa) & (bb) Not applicable.


PALAMA did not budget for financial donations or sponsorship in theaforementioned years.

Due to budgetary constraints, PALAMA has decided not make donations orsponsorships in monetary form to any initiatives outside itsprogrammes.


(a) The PSC did not budget for financial donations or sponsorships inany of the financial years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and2012-13. The PSC does not make provision or make payments forfinancial donations or sponsorships on its budget, as it falls outsidethe scope of work of the PSC.

(aa) Not applicable.

(bb) Not applicable.

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