DPSA IN THE MEDIA: PSTF Conference ends

Date: 11 Oct 2012

The 16th annual Public Sector Trainers Forum Conference (PTSF) hosted by Public Administration Leadership and Management Academy (PALAMA) from the 7th October drew to closure yesterday at Gallagher Conventional Centre in Midrand.

"The power of networking should not be taken for granted. Today the set objectives for the PTSF conference have been met, due to networking between international experts and researchers, who have shared their experiences and emerging concepts towards making Human Resource Development (HRD) an agent for professionalising the Public Service", said Professor Victor Ayeni from Governance and Public Sector Management, United Kingdom, during his closing speech.

Having discussed analytical issues which impact and influence human resource development matters within the Public Service from Monday, the PTSF conference also managed to bring in international perspectives on various aspects of Human Resource Development that will fascilitate improved organisational design and improvement in the Public Sector.

Amongst today's speakers, were Dr Randhir Auluck from the University of Conventry, Dr JAM Cobbah from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Prof Raj V Ponnaluri from Administrative Staff College of India, Mr Sipho Manana from PALAMA and Ms Mandisa Manjezi from PALAMA.

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