DPSA IN THE MEDIA: Deputy Minister's led SA delegation to the OGP

Date: 3 Oct 2012

The Deputy Minister for Public Service and Administration Ms Ayanda Dlodlo led the South African delegation to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Anniversary Celebration that took place in New York on the 26 September 2012. The OGP, of which South Africa is a member, is a multi-stakeholder coalition of leading governments and civil society organisations working to advance transparency and accountability in government - with the goals of increasing the responsiveness of government to citizens, countering corruption, promoting economic efficiencies, harnessing innovation, and improving the delivery of services.

The OGP has a membership of 55 countries from across the world. South Africa and Tanzania are the only African members of the Steering Committees. Others are the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway and the Philippines. Besides the Anniversary the Deputy Minister had a busy schedule on matters relating to the OGP which included:

A call and discussions with the South African Consular General Committee met with the United Nations represented by Ms Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi and the World Bank. A bilateral was held with the Minister of the Philippines on the Peer Learning and Support sub-committee of the OGP.

Open Government Partnership participating countries are required to:

    • Endorse a non-binding Declaration of Principles on Open Government; which South Africa has done through President Jacob Zuma on 21 September 2011.

    • Develop country action plans on open government through a multi-stakeholder participatory process; which South Africa has submitted on 14 September 2011.

    • Commit to scrutiny and verification of progress by a body of independent experts currently underway.

    • Contribute to the advancement of open government in other countries through sharing of best practices, expertise, technical assistance, technologies and appropriate resources. South Africa is a member of the Learning and Peer Support (LPS) sub-committee of the OGP through which it is fulfilling this outreach responsibility.

All these meeting produced commitments to the OGP process, more importantly a recognition of South Africa's work in the continent and the need to provide resources in support of this objective. Officials accompanying the Deputy Ministers were: Dr. Mataywa Busieka, Mr Ismail Davids, Ms Fungi Rakoena and Ms Tsholofelo Mathabathe.

Dr Mataywa Busieka

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