DPSA IN THE MEDIA: Public Service Month highlighted need for more Batho Pele dedication

Date: 1 Oct 2012

With the nation-wide Public Service Month (PSM) campaign drawing to a close, one of its most significant points has been the highlighting of the Eight Principles of good service delivery.

DPSA's Deputy Director-General for Service Delivery and Organizational Transformation (SDOT), Ms Colette Clark said today the PSM, in only its second year, had done a lot in helping make line departments and directorates take seriously the drive to "spring-clean" public service delivery points at every turn.

Launched on September 7 in KwaZulu-Natal, the month-long campaign is an integrated strategic national event in the calendar of the MPSA / DPSA, with all national and provincial departments participating in various activities and campaigns to strengthen service delivery to all.

DPSA has since 2011 celebrated the month of September annually as the Public Service Month.

The theme for PSM 2012 is "15 Years of Batho Pele: Strengthening the Ethos of Batho Pele & Recommitment Towards an Efficient, Effective and Development Oriented Public Service and Empowered Citizenship".

Asked about her impressions of the campaign, Ms Clarke said it was important to note that in line with the 15th anniversary of the Batho Pele principles, the campaign's activities played a major role in giving prominence to the Eight Principles.

In terms of the PSM 2012, each week was allocated two of the eight principles, whereby activities would highlight the aims and objectives of the particular principles in question as part of taking stock of service delivery be it in the form of school books, iIdentity documents, healthcare or redress to citizens' dissatisfaction.

"We have ensured that through the PSM, public servants get to know exactly what is expected of them.

"Going forward implementation of whatever concrete steps needed to improve public service delivery will take place through strategic planning sessions and other government structures," she said.

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