Mr A J Williams (ANC) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

What progress has been made towards the (a) formalisation and (b) resourcing of Community Development Workers (CDWs)?



(a) Community Development Workers are a category of public servants, fully integrated into the public service, employed in permanent posts, mainly, at salary level 6. Their employment is regulated by the Public Service Act, 1994 (amended in 2007) and Public Service Regulations, 2001.They have a benchmarked job description approved by Minister for Public Service and Administration. A comprehensive Handbook for Community Development Workers was developed in 2007 to guide them to understand their roles and responsibilities within the public service.

(b) The function of Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) is to determine generic functions, roles and responsibilities for categories of public servants appointed in terms of the PSA, which includes CDWs. The relevant employing authority is thereafter responsible for determining and ensuring the type, nature, specification and availability of resources and tools of trade or any other enabling requirements for employees to perform optimally in line with their contextual needs and plans which may differ between sectors, as well as between provinces. Essentially, provinces are responsible for resourcing of CDWs to ensure that they execute their duties efficiently and effectively.

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