Mrs J D Kilian (Cope) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

  1. (a) How many employees in her department from the post level of deputy director to director general who have been appointed on a (i) permanent and (ii) contract basis have (aa) been suspended on full salary pending investigations or disciplinary action for periods exceeding three months, (bb) resigned before the relevant investigations or disciplinary actions were concluded and (cc) were dismissed following due process and disciplinary hearings in the (aaa) 2009-10 and (bbb) 2010-11 financial years and (b) what is the total accumulated amount paid in salaries and benefits to the suspended persons during their period of suspension;
  2. Whether criminal charges were laid by his department against any persons following investigations or disciplinary hearings where fraud or corruption was found to have taken place; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details;
  3. Whether, subsequent to findings of fraud and corruption, any amounts have been recovered in terms of the relevant provisions of the Public Finance Management Act, Act 1 of 1999; if so, what total amounts; if not,
  4. How does she intend to comply with national legislation which was promulgated to prevent corrupt practices and compel authorities to report corrupt practices to law enforcement agencies;
  5. How many persons from the post level of deputy director general to director general have been found guilty of gross financial misconduct or negligence and dismissed?


  1. (aa) Zero
    (bb) Zero
    (cc) Zero
    (dd) Zero
    (aaa) Zero
    (bbb) Zero

  2. 2. & 3. Fall away
  3. If an act of corruption is suspected to have been committed, we are empowered by law to put an employee on precautionary suspension pending an investigation. If an employee commits misconduct that is also criminal in nature, the criminal procedure and the disciplinary procedure will continue as separate and different proceedings as required by the Public Service Disciplinary Code and Procedures and Chapter 7 of the SMS Handbook.
  4. Zero

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