Dr H C van Schalkwyk (DA) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

  1. Whether any specific criteria are used when assessing the performance agreements of (a) directors-general and (b) heads of department to evaluate their performance; if not, (i) why not and (ii) how is their performance measured; if so, what (aa) criteria and (bb) are the further relevant details;

  2. Whether the assessments are outcomes based; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?
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      1. Yes. The PSC has developed a checklist to assess quality and compliance aspects of Performance Agreements (PAs) of all Heads of Department (HoDs). The checklist reflects issues relating to the alignment of the PAs with Strategic Objectives of Departments in their Departmental Strategic Plans. The Strategic Plans and Performance Agreements should reflect the thrust of the annual State of the Nation / Province Address, the relevant Minister’s Budget Vote Speech and the Service Delivery Contract between the President / Premier and the Ministers and/or Provincial Economic Growth and Development Plan. Further, the PA should also indicate the role of the Department in the Cluster Programme of Action (PoA). These PAs should reflect decisions on how results could be improved in the upcoming year.

        The PAs also include Key Result Areas (KRAs). KRAs should be clearly formulated and be understandable with measurable outputs in terms of quality, quantity and time. In accordance with the requirements of the Performance Management and Development System (PMDS) for the Senior Management Service (SMS), PAs of HoDs are comprised of three mandatory Key Result Areas (KRAs) namely integrated governance, regional integration, implementation of the Minimum Information Security Standards (MISS) and overall accountability for security at the Department. Departments should identify KRAs linked to their departmental objective with the applicable Batho Pele Principles and ensure that KRAs and all eleven Core Management Criteria (CMC) are allocated an appropriate weighting.

        The assessment of the performance of the HoD is based on the PA. Two formal reviews should be conducted between the Minister and the HoD, one in the middle of the financial year and one at the end. The annual assessment is arranged in accordance with the PSC Guidelines once departments have published their Annual Reports.

      2. Performance assessments had up to now focused on the outputs identified in the PA. With the advent of PAs between the Ministries and the President, where specific outcomes are outlined for each department and sector, strategic plans and PAs are now informed by these outcomes and performance assessments are going to be outcomes based.

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