Dr H C van Schalkwyk (DA) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

What is the (a) breakdown of the assessments of the (i) directors-general and (ii) heads of department and (b) overall rating in each case?



At the end of the 2009/10 financial year, a total of 16 national Directors-General (DGs) and 45 provincial Heads of Department (HoDs) qualified to be evaluated. A DG/HoD qualifies for evaluation if she or he has been in the post for a full twelve months cycle of a given financial year. Of these, only 2 DGs in national departments (13%) and 9 HoDs in provincial departments (20%) were actually evaluated.

The Public Service Performance Management Policy provides for a 5 point rating scale when conducting performance evaluations for senior managers. The same scale is also applicable to DGs and HoDs. The overall rating of DGs and HoDs evaluated is as follows:

  • 2009/10 FINANCIAL YEAR

A total of 11 DGs and HoDs were evaluated during this period. Of these, 1 was rated level 5, 9 were rated level 4 and 1 was rated at level 3.

  • 2010/11 FINANCIAL YEAR

A total of 12 DGs and HoDs have so far been evaluated for the 2010/11 period. Of these, 1 was rated at level 5, 10 were rated at level 4 and 1 was rated at level 3.

The evaluations for the 2010/11 financial year are still in progress and due to be concluded by 31 July 2012. For this cycle a total of 31 national DGs and 49 provincial HoDs qualify for evaluations. Of these, only 1 national DG (3%) and 11 provincial (16%) HoDs have so far been evaluated.

We are acutely aware of the low levels of compliance with regard to the evaluation of DG and HODs. I will be approaching Cabinet with a plan to ensure that all qualifying DGs and HoDs are evaluated.

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