Mr M M Swathe (DA) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

  1. (a) How many copies of each annual report that was produced by (i) his department and (ii) the entities reporting to him were commissioned for print in the 2010-11 financial year, (b) how many copies were actually printed and (c) what were the (i) total and (ii) individual costs of printing these reports;

  2. (a) Who printed each specified report, (b) how was the specified printer decided upon and (c) on what date did the specified printer deliver the report to the specified entity;

  3. Whether any of the specified reports that had been printed were found to be unsatisfactory; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, in each case, (a) which reports, (b) for which entity, (c) by which printer, (d) what action was taken and (e) what were the costs?
  4. NW78E


    The information requested by the Honourable member from the Department of Public Administration (DPSA) and the five entities reporting to it is provided below:


    1. (a) (i) The Department of Public Service and Administration commissioned the printing of 110 copies of the 2010-11 Annual Report.
      (b) 110 copies of the Annual Report were printed.
      (c) (i) & (ii) The account is in dispute and it has not been settled yet.

    2. (a) Government Printing Works
    3. (b) Government Printing Works was approached to provide the printing services for the report.
      (c) The copies were delivered to Parliament on the 7th September 2011.

    4. The specified reports that were printed were in a satisfactory condition.


    1. (a) (ii) Number of copies commissioned for print: 1 500
      (b) Number of copies actually printed: 1 500
      (c) (i) Total cost of printing: R128 338.92
      (ii) Individual cost of printing: R85.56

    2. (a) The service provider used for printing was Silowa Printers
      (b) The PSC appointed a panel of printers (ten printers) that produce PSC reports. The procurement division selected four service providers within the panel of printers, using the rotation system from whom quotes were requested. From the four quotations received, Silowa Printers was chosen as the preferred printer due to scoring the highest points on the 80/20 preference point system as contained in the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act No 5 of 2000.
      (c) The annual reports were delivered on 29 August 2011

    3. The PSC was satisfied with the copies of annual report printed.


    1. (a) (ii) PALAMA commissioned the printing of 800 hard copies and 1000 CD copies of the 2010/11 Annual Report.
      (b) PALAMA printed 800 hard copies and 1000 CD copies.
      (c)(ii) PALAMA’s costs for printing the reports amounted to R222 201-74.

    2. (a) PALAMA’s reports were designed and printed by Blackmoon Advertising, a company based in Pretoria.
      (b) Blackmoon Advertising was appointed through a process of an open tender.
      (c) All copies of the Annual Report booklets and CDs were delivered to PALAMA on 20 September 2011.

    3. PALAMA’s Annual Report print production was completed without any copies found to be of unsatisfactory quality.


    1. (a) (ii) 1500 copies were commissioned for printing.
      (b) SITA produced 1500 copies of the Annual Report.
      (c) (i) The total cost, including VAT, for printing of the reports was R 339 382.47 (ii)The cost per individual copy was R 226.25.;

    2. (a) The annual report was printed by Indigo Marketing and Montoge
      (b) SITA followed the SITA Request for Quotation (RFQ) process to choose the specified printer
      (c) The SITA Annual Reports were delivered to SITA Head Office, Erasmuskloof on 27 September 2011.

    3. Copies of the SITA Annual Reports delivered were all in satisfactory order as per the requirements of the RFQ.


    1. (a) (ii) The Scheme is required by the Medical Schemes Act to present all registered members with a copy of the Annual Report . GEMS commissioned 650 000 copies for principal members and 750 for the Scheme’s Stakeholders.
      (b) 650 750 copies were printed
      (c) (i). R7 659 548 inclusive of VAT
      (ii) The average cost per annual report was R9.81 excluding VAT and this is inclusive of the printing of the covering letter and proxy forms. The average cost per the Annual Stakeholder Report was R75.00 excluding VAT.

    2. (a) Blackmoon Design and Advertising
      (b) They were appointed through an open tender process in 2012 in accordance with the Scheme’s Supply Chain Management Policy.
      (c) The report was delivered to the Scheme on 08 June 2012.

    3. None of the reports were found to be unsatisfactory.


    1. The CPSI did not commission annual reports to be printed in the 2010-11 financial year as the performance information was included in the DPSA’s Annual Report.
    2. (2) & (3) Fall away.

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