Date.: 9 Feb 2012

Mr M Swart (DA) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

Whether (a) his department and (b) entities reporting to it have (i) awarded any tenders and (ii) concluded any (aa) contracts and (bb) financial transactions with certain companies (names and details furnished) in each specified financial year since 2005-06; if so, (aaa) which company or entity, (bbb) what are the relevant details, (ccc) what was the value of each (aaaa) tender, (bbbb) contract or (cccc) financial transaction and (ddd) what was the name of the companies who failed for each tender, contract or financial transaction that was awarded?


The Department of Public Service and Administration and the entities reporting to it has not awarded any tender or concluded any contract and or financial transaction with the companies referred to in the question during any of the financial years from 2005-06.

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