DPSA IN THE MEDIA: Sadness abound as DPSA gets to grips with loss of Minister

Date: 8 May 2012

A somber atmosphere is currently engulfing the country’’s entire public service following the passing away at the weekend of Minister for Public Service and Administration, Mr Roy Padayachie.

This was much evident at the gathering of staff and senior managers from the DPSA and all the portfolios affiliated to it at the Thaba Tshwane military base for a formal announcement of the Minister’’s death as well as the way forward.

Paying tribute to the late Minister, Deputy Minister for Public Service and Administration, Ms Ayanda Dlodlo, said the Minister’’s death while on national duty on foreign soil underlined a life dedicated to uplifting the lives of his people, and should be emulated by all public servants.

She said the Minister died representing not only the interests of South Africa but the aspirations of the entire African Continent at the African Peer Review Mechanism.

Minister Roy Padayachie was a man of courage, diligence and commitment to installing the dignity of his people and the upliftment of their lives. He leaves us with a legacy of leading with example which I implore all of us here to follow," she said.

Expressing disapproval of corrupt activities within the public service, Ms Dlodlo said the Minister led a life of an exemplary leader never to be embroiled in the currently rampant looting of state resources.

"When I told the media that Comrade Roy has left without a scandal, I said so with pride. He understood that the DPSA is the heartbeat of the government and always acted in a manner that fulfills the government’’s objectives.

"Let his death implore us therefore to be more conscious of the people we serve, and emulate the lives led by people like Roy," she added.

Expressing her most sincere condolences to public servants and the Minister’’s family, the deputy Minister said though it is a sad moment for everyone, it is something everyone needs to accept as the Minister’’s time had come.

The late Minister’’s lifetime commitment to the liberation struggle also became evident as mourners even rendered a couple of struggle songs at the gathering in remembrance of his political activism. Minister Padayachie’’s funeral service will be held on Wednesday 9th May in Durban and will be followed by a memorial service on 17 May.

Zingisile Mapazi

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