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Programme 2: Human Resource Management and Development in Government

Research, analyse, monitor and evaluate the formulation, development and review of policies and policy reform through a cogent policy and research agenda and strategy for public administration discourse and reforms, based on both national and international trends, using capacity and functionality assessments; providing Public Service productivity measurement instruments; investigating appropriate and alternative pubic administration delivery models through knowledge management and best practices; managing and evaluating transformation programmes; in order to enhance access to public services through feasibility and continuity studies.

The programme has eight sub-programmes:

  1. Policy Oversight and Knowledge Management - to analyse, monitor and co-ordinate the development and review of policies within public administration, as well as, manage learning networks that promote Knowledge Management.
  2. Integrated Public Administration Reform - to manage the Public Service Reform programme of the public sector, by implementing legislative reforms through appropriate Instrument.
  3. Transformation Policies and Programmes - to manage the development and provide support for the implementation of transformation management policies, practices and frameworks.
  4. Research and Public Administration Discourse - to manage the research agenda of the Public Service by providing guidelines on methodology and techniques for the Public Service and archiving research reports for best practice transfer and use throughout the Public Service.
  5. Public Service Access Norms and Mechanisms - to manage and facilitate integrated access and geographic information systems and norms based on population segmentation through Feasibility and Continuity Studies.
  6. Institutional Capacity and Functionality Assessments - to conduct capacity and functionality reviews using an organisational functionality and capacity assessment toolkit.
  7. Productivity and Efficiency Studies - to design appropriate research methodology techniques and toolkits for the Public Service which measure Productivity and efficiencies.
  8. Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation - to manage and co-ordinate transversal monitoring and evaluation systems in relation to Public Service.

Last update: 13 September 2016

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