About the dpsa

Programme 1: Administration

Manage the overall strategic and operational functions of the department which include policy direction; strategic leadership; coordination and facilitation of multilateral and bilateral programmes ; integrated planning and programme support; provisioning of financial and human resource  management services; security and facilities management; communication and ICT management; coordination of the provisioning of internal legal advice services, as well as, and audit and risk management oversight.

The programme has seven sub-programmes;

  1. Chief Financial Officer- to manage and facilitate the provision of financial management services.
  2. Internal Audit and Risk Management- to manage the departmental risks and conduct internal regulatory and functionality audits.
  3. Strategic Management, Planning and Support - to manage strategic executive support services to the Director General.
  4. Corporate Resource and Transformation Management- to manage and monitor the provision of human resource and transformation management services.
  5. International Cooperation Programme- to co-ordinate and facilitate multilateral, bilateral programmes.
  6. Corporate Communication- to manage the provision of communication, media liaison and events management services.
  7. Legal Service - to provide legal services

Last update: 13 September 2016

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