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Programme 6: Governance

Manage and develop policies, strategies and programmes on Public Service ethics, integrity and leadership; intergovernmental relations; macro organization of the state, including organisational design; strategic planning frameworks; as well as, monitor government intervention programmes and Human Resource information systems.

The programme has five sub-programmes:

  1. Human Resource Management Information Systems - to manage the development, implementation and maintenance of the Human Resource Management (HRM) module of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS).
  2. Public Service Leadership Management - to provide a leadership and management framework for the Senior Management Services to ensure good governance of the Public Service through a professional management echelon. Leadership Development Programmes, Competency based management, developing transversal employment policies, prescripts and guidelines and other career practices are designed to ensure the SMS corps understands their governance role in managing Public Service departments.
  3. Organisational Design and Macro Organising - to manage the appropriate corporate forms for the Macro Organisation of the State, as well as to ensure the design of appropriate organisational structures to respond to service delivery through policies, directive and toolkits.
  4. Ethics and Integrity Management – to develop and manage policies, strategies and programmes on ethics and integrity management.
  5. Intergovernmental Relations and Government Intervention - to manage intergovernmental relations, Parliament, Cabinet, Donor Co-ordination and co-ordinating structures for governance and administration, as well as intergovernmental interventions in provincial administrations.

Last update: 13 September 2016

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